Dance2k Dundee's premier dance school.


Dance2k was launched in April 2000 by its dance director Gayle Hamilton. The aim was to provide dance classes in Tap, dancing, contemporary dancing, modern dance and upbeat dance for girls between the ages of 4-17 years and now ladies who would rather not give away their age.


Gayle’s first class back in 2000 was attended by 70 girls but now has more than 250 in 2018.

With classes through out the city of Dundee Dance2k’s aim, above all, is to show that all forms of dance can be fun. The variety of styles and music, the blend of new and not so new, ensure that fun is always at the top of the agenda.

Fun is what we all want to have and once or twice a year we get serious and put on a full dance show, often in the Caird Hall, and show off all our acquired skills.

Classes are split into ability/age groups to ensure progression of skills. Class numbers are appropriately limited.

Come join us. Fun and fitness is guaranteed.

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